LOTTE Chemical (former Samsung SDI and former Samsung Cheil Industres Chemical Division, started chemical bussiness in 1988 and completed it’s first ABS and PS plants in 1989. In following years company has developed some of the best flame retardant ABS grades, extrusion ABS etc. Next huge step was founding the PC plant in 2007 and expanding it’s capacity to over 200.000 tons in 2012. Becoming one of the global most influental engineering polymers manufacturer, company now aims to achieve a higher goal of becoming a global leading company. During first half of 2016, LOTTE Chemical bought all stacks and activities of Samsung SDI and the company now belongs to the LOTTE Group. The new name of the company is LOTTE ADVANCED MATERIALS CO. LTD.

ALM KOMPAUNDI DOO is official distributor for STAREX® and INFINO® products in Serbia.


Grades supplied

STAREX® is the brand name which represents range of styrenics resins ABS, PS, SAN, ASA and EPS.
Well known STAREX grades are flame retardant ABS, extrusion ABS, scratch resistant materials, transparent ABS, ASA, EPS.
INFINO® represents range of superior quality products based on PC, PC/ABS, PC/ASA, PC/PMMA, PPA materials. Remarkable products are transparent PC, high impact PC and PC/ABS, flame retardant PC and PC/ABS, high heat compounds etc.

To find out more about ALM KOMPAUNDI DOO product range, please click on the particular text link associated with typical grade below.

Infino PC SC-1220UR
(PC, unfilled, improved flow, UV and FR properties, transparent)

Infino PC SA-1100
(PC, unfilled, UV , improved FR properties, coloured)

Infino PC HN-1064
(PC, unfilled, flame retardant)

Infino PC HN-3104
(PC, 10% glass fiber reinforced, flame retardant)

Starex ABS HG-0760AT
(ABS, improved gloss, UV and antistatic properties)

Starex ABS HF-0660I
(ABS, high flow, improved thoughnes)

Starex ABS SD-0150W
(ABS, standard gloss, high stifness)


Brochures and useful literature

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