KOREA ENGINEERING PLASTICS CO.,Ltd. (KEP) was established in 1987 as a joint venture of Hyosung Corp., Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company Inc. and Mitsubishi Corporation in Korea. KEP was the first company which has produced polyacetal resin in Korea. The first commercial production started in Ulsan, in 1988 under the brand name “KEPITAL” .
In 1999, Celanese entered the joint venture by obtaining 50% of KEP’s share from Hyosung.
Now, with a production capacity of 145,000 MTs per year, KEP is a leading global supplier of copolymer POM.

ALM KOMPAUNDI DOO is KEP distributor in Serbia and other former Yugoslavia countries. ALM KOMPAUNDI DOO can offer full range of KEPITAL grades.


Grades supplied

KEP produces wide range of polyacetal based materials (POM) under the registred brand name „KEPITAL“such as
standard injection molding grades, high strenght, UV-resistant, reinforced /glass fiber, glass beads/, filled /talcum,../ friction and wear improved grades /with molybdenum disulphide, teflon or silicone/, impact modified grades, anti-static, conuctive and high strenght ,as well as the range of low emmision grades.

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Kepital F10-02
(POM COPO, unfilled, extrusion/injection molding grade, natural)

Kepital F20-03
(POM COPO, unfilled, standard, well balanced grade, natural)

(POM HOMO, unfilled, high viscosity injection molding grade, natural)


Brochures and useful literature

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