ELASTRON , the Turkish company located in Istanbul, was established in 1980 as a producer of SBS based thermoplastic elastomer compounds. Dedication to the development and reasearch, has resulted in adding SEBS and EPDM/PP based thermoplastic elastomers to it’s product range. In 1998 Elastron moved its operations to a new plant and headquarters in Gebze, Kocaeli. As a custom oriented company, ELASTRON devoted significant resources to the technical developments of new products and applications, what further led that ELASTRON now has one of the best R&D department in the region. ELASTRON has obtained all the key quality management systems and became ISO 9001, ISO TS16949 and ISO 14001 certified company. Last couple of years, ELASTRON has expanded its presence in different markets all over the world serving today over 40 countries with high quality products.

ALM KOMPAUNDI DOO is ELASTRON’s official distributor for its thermoplastic elastomer compounds in Serbia.


Grades supplied

ELASTRON divided its product portfolio into four product groups: ELASTON®D – compounds based on styrenic block copolymer SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) and polyolefins (PP or PS), ELASTON®G – compounds based on styrenic block copolymer SEBS (styrene-ethylene-butylene-styrene) and polyolefins, ELASTON®V – a
thermoplastic vulcanizate ( TPV ), a dynamically cured EPDM phase closely dispersed in a polyolefin phase (PP) and ELASTON®TPO – compounds based on PP modified with mainly EPDM rubber.
For more information about TPE please look under the product tab of our web site.
Beside below shown grades, we are ably to supply specific compounds according to customer’s requirements . ELASTRON has a wide range of tailor-made products so please contact us in such a cases.

To find out more about ALM KOMPAUNDI DOO product range, please click on the particular text link associated with typical product group below. Note that below list is just short abstract from our portfolio.
For more information, please contact us.

Elastron D100.A30.N
(SBS, 30 ShA, natural)

Elastron D100.A40.N
(SBS, 40 ShA, impact modification PP, natural)

Elastron D400.A30.N
(SBS, unfilled, 30 ShA, impact modification , PS, ABS natural)

Elastron G100.A20.N
(SEBS, 20 ShA, natural)

Elastron G100.A30.N
(SEBS, 00 ShA, natural)

Elastron G100.A40.N
(SEBS, 40 ShA, natural)

Elastron G100.A55.B
(SEBS, 55 ShA, black)

Elastron G100.A60.N
(SEBS, low filler content, 60 ShA, natural)

Elastron G100.A85.N
(SEBS, 85 ShA, natural)

Elastron G201.A67.B
(SEBS, excellent compression set and UV resistance, 67 ShA, black)

Elastron G601.A45.N
(SEBS, HFFR,V-0, 45 ShA, natural)

Elastron V100.A65.B
(TPV, 65 ShA, black)

Elastron V100.A78.B
(TPV, 78 ShA, black)


Brochures and useful literature

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