Polyphthalamide (PPA) is a semi-aromatic polyamides, a semi-crystalline material formed from a diacid (dicarboxylic acid) and a diamine, when a portion of the diacid segment is replaced with an aromatic component, terephthalic acid (TPA) or isophthalic acid (IPA), which adds an aromatic ring structure to the polyamide chain, forming a semi-aromatic polyamide.
If more than 55% of the acid part of a PPA is made out of IPA, then the copolymer is amorphous.
Such addition of an aromatic ring structure to the polyamide induces many advantages over aliphatic polyamides (PA6 or PA66). That means higher glass transition temperature (Tg) with higher melting point (Tm), what further leads to
higher heat deflection temperatures, lower and slower moisture absorption and excellent chemical resistance.
These property advantages provide improvements in dimensional stability, solvent and hydrolysis resistance, and also better high temperature mechanical property retention versus standard aliphatic nylons (fully aliphatic polyamides offer limited thermal performance), so polyphtalamides are often called high temperature polyamide (PA HT).
PPA (unfilled or reinforced) can be used with advantages in replacement of diecast metals such as aluminum, zinc and brass in high temperature and demanded environments.

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Grades supplied

Tecomid NT40 NL
(PPA, unfilled, natural)

Tecomid NT40 CR30 BK111 HS
(PPA, 30% carbon fiber reinforced, heat stabilized, black)

Tecomid NT40 GR50 BK009 HS
(PPA, 50% glass fiber reinforced, heat stabilized, black)

Tecomid NT40 GR30 NL XA60
(PPA, 30% glass fiber reinforced, flame retardant, halogen and red phosporous free, heat stabilized, natural)


Brochures and useful literature

Tecomid HT Brochure
Tecomid HT Presenataion
Tecomid HT Processing recomendations