SAX POLYMERS as a part of the Hromatka Group, has been specialised in the manufacture, processing and colouring of technical plastics in two production facilities , in Vienna (Austria) and Oberriet (Switzerland) .
As a material manufacturer, SAX Polymers is committed to meet high requirements of its customers in a quick, efficient and reliable manner.
A wide range of plastic compounds can be perfectly adapted to the customer’s needs by directly coloring, finishing and modifying them with reinforcements. SAX Polymers offers glass fibers, glass beads, UV protection, flame retardants, colors, effects of all kinds and much more as a one-stop-shop. With stateof-the-art twin screw extruders, any range of thermoplastic material can be processed to high-quality compounds
SAX POLYMERS produces wide range of engineering polymer compounds under the registred trade names with suffix SAX®, such as SAXAMID (PA6, PA6.6, PA6.6/6, PPA ), SAXADUR (PBT and blends), SAXAFORM (POM compounds),

ALM KOMPAUNDI DOO or PLASTOPLAN PLASTIKA DOO, as a part of the HROMATKA GROUP, has been selling SAX® compounds since 2020 at the regional market. We can offer ABS , SAN, PA, PBT, POM, PK and PP compounds from our warehouses.

Beside below shown product groups or grades, we are able to supply specific compounds according to customer’s requirements. SAX POLYMERS has a wide range of tailor-made products so please contact us in such a cases.


Grades supplied

To find out more about ALM KOMPAUNDI DOO product range, please click on the particular text link associated with typical grade below.

Saxaform C-9 
(POM COPO, unfilled, standard grade)  

Saxalac 120E 
(ABS, food grade, UL registred, well balanced properties)  

Saxalac 835E
(ABS, food grade, high flow, , well balanced properties)  

Saxamid 126
(PA6, unfilled, standard viscosity, V-2)

Saxamid 126F6
(PA6, 30% glass fiber reinforced, UL registered)  

(PA66, 25% glass fiber reinforced, halogen and phosphorous free, V-0, UL registered) 

 Saxasan 2421
(SAN, standard injection molding grade, food contact, slightly bluish)


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