ALM KOMPAUNDI DOO – Belgrade is family company, established in 2006, in Belgrade, Serbia.

We are, indepentent, privately owned, polymer distribution company.

Since our very beginning  have been dealing exclusively with engineering polymers in the central Balkan region.

We believe that success could be  achieved only through the true partnerships between suppliers and customers. Mutual trust  and estimation certainly lead to long lasting partnership, what is our the only aim we are striving. Our dedication to the work, and our way how we do, created recognizable market image we gained.

Acting in such a manner, we established strong and close relations with some of the best companies of its kind, in the engineering polymers field. Our supply partners are carefully choosen polymer producers and compounding companies. We are dealing with resins suppled by well known and reliable polymer  producers which are committed to this region on a long-term basis. Tohether with them, we became one of the leading engineering polymer distributor offering an unique range of plastic materials on this market.

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