Polyoxymethylene (POM) is commonly known as polyformaldehyde, polyacetal or just acetal. It is semi-crystalline thermoplastics which are produced by homopolymerisation or copolymerisation of purified formaldehyde into both homopolymer and copolymer types.
As a highly crystalline resin, POM exhibits high stiffness and strength with outstanding resilience, excellent fatigue resistance, good wear resistance with low coefficient of friction. POM also shows excellent dimensional stability, good chemical and environmental resistance and low moisture absorption. The poor UV resistance can be overcome by use of additives. POM is deffinitely not polymer for applications where flame retardancy is required. It burns readily with the evolution of toxic formaldehyde gas.
Polyacetals are quite sensitive to oxidation and decomposition and both homopolymers and copolymers
contain specific additives to prevent irreversible thermo-oxidative depolymerization of the polymer backbone during processing.
Homopolymer POM has higher stiffness, higher strength, lower coefficient of friction compared to copolymer POM as well as lower creep and higher fatigue resistance. Copolymer POM on the other hand, has a bit better impact resistance, better resistance to hot water and hot alkaline solutions, better dimensional stability, wider processing window and superior long-term performance.

For more specific POM grades, ALM KOMPAUNDI DOO can offer wide range of different polyacetal compounds from our distribution partners. For more information, please contact us.


Grades supplied

Kepital F10-02
(POM COPO, unfilled, extrusion/injection molding grade, natural)

Kepital F20-03
(POM COPO, unfilled, standard, well balanced grade, natural)

(POM HOMO, unfilled, high viscosity injection molding grade, natural)

Saxaform C-9
(POM COPO, unfilled, injection molding grade, natural)

Tecoform PO20 NL RT 0E
(POM, PTFE modified, natural)

Tecoform PO10 AR10 NL RT 0B
(POM copolymer, 10% aramide fiber reinforced, PTFE modified, natural)



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