EUROTEC is established in 2004 in European Free Zone, Corlu, Turkey. It is is located at a strategic place with main access to the markets in Turkey, Europe and also in Middle East, Africa and Far East . As an independent compounding company with focus on specialty engineering plastics compounds EUROTEC built up its plant infrastructure for an annual production capacity up to 25,000 tons, and in a very short period of time has became a leading producer and reliable partner in field of engineering plastics, exporting more than a half of its production.

ALM KOMPAUNDI DOO is EUROTEC’s official distributor for its compounds in Serbia and other former Yugoslavia countries.


Grades supplied

EUROTEC produces wide range of engineering polymer compounds under the registred trade names with suffix „TECO“, such as TECOMID® (PA6, PA6.6, PA6.6/6, PPA ), TECODUR® (PBT and blends), TECOTEK® (PPO), TECOFORM® (POM compounds), TECOPET® (PET), TECOLEN® (speciality PP compounds), TECOTEK® (PC compounds and blends), TECOPEEK® (PEEK), and as a special group there are a wide portfolio of METAL REPLACEMENT and CONDUCTIVE grades too.

Beside below shown product groups or grades, we are ably to supply specific compounds according to customer’s requirements . EUROTEC has a wide range of tailor-made products so please contact us in such a cases.

To find out more about ALM KOMPAUNDI DOO product range, please click on the particular text link associated with typical product group below. Note that below list is just short abstract from our portfolio.
For more information, please contact us.

TECOMID NA40 NL E natural
(PA66, unfilled, standarsd viscosity, natural)

TECOMID NA40 BK001 IM black
(PA66, unfilled, impact modified, black)

TECOMID NA40 GR30 NL HS natural
(PA66, 30% glass fiber reinforced, heat stabilised, natural)

TECOMID NA30 GR50 BK005 HS01 black
(PA66, 50% glass fiber reinforced, heat stabilised, black)

TECOMID NB40 NL E natural
(PA6, unfilled, standard viscosity, natural)

TECOMID NB40 BK001 E black
(PA6, unfilled, standard viscosity, black, dry blend )

TECOMID NB40 GR30 NL100 natural
(PA6, 30% glass fiber reinforced, bright intrinsic color, natural)

(PA6, 30% glass fiber reinforced, heat stabilised, black)

TECOMID NA30 NL FA50 natural
(PA66, unfilled, HFFR V-0, natural)

TECODUR PB70 WH087 HT white
(PBT, unfilled, high heat stabilised, white)

TECODUR PB70 BK001 HS black
(PBT, unfilled, high heat stabilised, white)

TECODUR PB70 GR30 BK001 black
(PBT, 30% glass fiber reinforced, black)

TECODUR PB70 GR30 NL XA20 natural
(PBT, 30% glass fiber reinforced, flame retardant V-0, natural)


Brochures and useful literature

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