ABS is a class of thermoplastic terpolymers which includes a range of resins, all prepared with, usually higher, amount of styrene and varying amounts of acrylonitrile and butadiene. The three components are combined by a variety of methods involving polymerization (two main polymerization process employed are emulsion process and continuous mass process), graft copolymerization, physical mixtures and combinations thereof. ABS could also be considered as a blend of fine rubbery particles (butadiene) in a continuous rigid phase of styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer (SAN).
By balancing the three main repeat units (styrene, butadiene and acrylonitrile) and varying the ratio of rigid phase to rubbery phase it is possible to produce a very wide range of grades of ABS. Increasing the rubbery content gives improved impact resistance. Increasing the acrylonitrile content leads to better chemical resistance, heat stability and ageing properties. Styrene gives it very good processability, high gloss and rigidity. Replacing the styrene by alpha-methyl-styrene increases the heat distortion temperature. The melt flow properties are controlled by varying the molecular sizes of the components and by using lubricant additives etc. Being a two-phase system, transparency is low and most grades are opaque. It is possible to produce transparent grades of ABS but their impact strength is greatly reduced.

ALM KOMPAUNDI DOO has a wide range of different ABS grades both virgin and recycled types, directly from its warehouses, in natural, white, black and light grey colour.
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Grades supplied

Saxalac 120E
(ABS, food grade, UL registred, well balanced properties)

Saxalac 835E
(ABS, food grade, high flow, , well balanced properties)

Starex ABS HF-0660I
(ABS, high flow, improoved thoughnes)

Starex ABS HG-0760AT
(ABS, improved gloss, UV and antistatic properties)

Starex ABS SD-0150W
(ABS, standard gloss, high stifness)


Brochures and useful literature

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