MGG POLYMERS is the manufacturer of the high quality post consumer recycled plastics (PCRP). Under the the name MBA Polymers Austria, as a joint venture between the American MBA Polymers Inc. and Müller-Guttenbrunn GmbH, recycling plant in the Kematen business park has been in production since the beginning of 2006. It has become the world leader in recycling plastics. This plant produces high quality post-consumer ABS, HIPS, and PP plastic granulate from raw material based on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). As of July the 1st 2017, MBA Polymers Austria has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Müller-Guttenbrunn Group. MGG has taken 100% share in MBA Polymers Austria and renamed it in MGG Polymers.

ALM KOMPAUNDI DOO has been selling MGG materials since 2007 on the Serbian market. We can offer ABS , HIPS and PP in black and grey colour from our warehouses.


Grades supplied

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ABS 4134 deep black 9005
(ABS, standard, recycled, deep black)

ABS 4134 grey 7005
(ABS, standard, recycled, grey)

HIPS 3122 black
(HIPS, standard, recycled, for injection molding and extrusion)

PP 2131 black
(PP recycled copolymer)


Brochures and useful literature

MGG POLYMERS company brochure
MBA POLYMERS company brochure